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    iPhone SE 2016 overview

    4 inch compact size

    The main feature of the SE 1st generation is its favorable size. If you are not a fan of large mobile phones, this iPhone is for you...

    iPhone SE size

    A design to love

    The iPhone SE 2016 is cute not only because of its size, but thanks to the use of quality and premium materials, it is a true classic in the range of Apple phones.

    iPhone SE design

    Touch ID, your fingerprint is the key to the phone

    You no longer have to worry about entering the passcode on your beloved iPhone. All you have to do is touch the Home button with your finger and you've already unlocked your device.

    iPhone SE Touch ID

    A camera that does everything

    The iPhone SE is perhaps one of the smallest phones capable of recording 4K footage, and the Live Photo function is also available.

    iPhone SE camera

    Jack plug - so you can use any earphones

    Almost none of the new devices make it possible to connect headphones with a jack, but the iPhone SE does! If you don't want to replace your old, well-proven earphones, this model is for you!

    iPhone SE jack plug

    2GM RAM, A9 chip

    Yes, the 2016 version of the iPhone SE can no longer be called a "powerhouse" these days, but for users who only want to make calls and use general Social Media applications (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) it is still perfectly adequate.

    iPhone SE A9 cpu


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