Why you should buy a refurbished phone

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 09, 2022

It is not an exaggeration that these days we are willing to replace our devices even every 2-3 years, and if we are going to do so, why not do it as rationally as possible and with the best price-value ratio.


I could compare buying a used phone a bit to buying a car. Let's assume that you bought a new car from a showroom, which no one has ever used (you are the first to fart in it). As soon as you start using it, its value can depreciate by up to 10-20% within a few months, obviously depending on the purchase price. Well, the same situation exists when buying the device.


In my opinion (no joke, thousands of phones have passed through my hands), if you buy a used phone from a reliable place, you can only make a good deal. For me, reliable means that it is definitely worth choosing a traceable and verifiable company, where you can rule out the possibility of touching a device with a dubious history, and your purchase comes with a guarantee and an invoice (i.e., you can optionally register it with the company).


At ShowMe, we test and review each device individually by hand and with different software, thereby filtering out defective devices. Of course, based on the law of large numbers, yes, it happens that a device still passes through the sieve, but in such cases we are always very, very flexible, and within 3 months, if a warranty problem arises, we will immediately repair or replace the ordered device.


It is also important that the phones that you find in the webshop are all listed with their own pictures, so we take photos of all of them one by one and upload them so that you can actually order the device that you see on the product page.