Which phone case should you choose?

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 09, 2022

What type of case fits your phone?

The most common and at the same time the most useful accessory for our phones will obviously be phone cases. The majority of people always carry a case on their device, and we often like to change these accessories for different occasions and life situations. We at ShowMe recommend everyone to wear a case on their device, as servicing newer devices can be terribly expensive, and we can easily avoid any unpleasant situations, even with a few thousand HUF protection. We have collected for you the types and designs that you can find in the ShowMe web store, and you may not have heard of them yet.


The first and also the most common are the silicone cases on the back. Thanks to its simplicity and good power-gathering ability, it is definitely a great choice, you can always keep your mobile phone safe. You can choose from countless designs, colors and patterns, so the choice will not be difficult if you want to order this type of case for yourself. If you want a very simple, cheap solution, we recommend the xPro silicone cases, but if you want a higher quality, more durable version, Spigen or the factory versions.


Our next category will be the back plastic cases. One of the great advantages of this type is that it can be manufactured in such a way that it perfectly takes the shape of the device, it is durable, it does not stretch or discolor compared to silicone. There are versions such as Nillkin Super Frosted, which, despite being thin, provide very good protection. It is made of very strong plastic and preserves the original size of the phone, it will not make your phone "bumpy". The disadvantage is that it cracks easily during major impacts (if you drop it from waist height onto the concrete), but it will definitely protect your device.


Back leather cases are especially popular at ShowMe. In addition to being very elegant, it provides strong protection thanks to its flexibility and ability to absorb force. You have probably already encountered the phenomenon that when you pull out a silicone case from your pocket, your entire pocket and its contents turn out. In the case of the leather case, you can pull out the leather case perfectly without any problems, or put your phones in your pocket thanks to the smooth surface. The factory leather case is one of the best possible variations of this type, which has another great advantage that the inside of the case itself is lined with a fine, soft material, so when the dust is wedged between the device's case and the case, the movement will definitely not be scratched as a result, you must have seen this before.


In the case of designer cases, we can come across several types of design, but here the focus is actually more on the appearance. Some major textile and clothing manufacturing companies decided to take part in the phone accessories market, and this is how this product category was born. These accessories have an official license issued by the brand, so in addition to the unique appearance, they will also ensure the usual quality. Such brands include, for example, Karl Lagerfeld, Adidas, Guess, U.S. Polo, Superdry.


In case you don't take care of your phone, drop it often and don't want to constantly increase the pockets of service providers, I definitely recommend the reinforced or otherwise known as armor case. With this type, your device becomes almost unbreakable, so you can protect it from strong impacts. Thicker material is used on the corners, or air bubbles, so it will be much more flexible. Those who, for example, do physical work or are even preparing for a festival should definitely buy such a case so that they can keep their device safe in all situations. The roughest of these are the UAG cases, it's worth watching drop tests on YouTube. Even when exposed to very extreme conditions, the mud resists and protects the device.


The ultra-thin, also known as slim, cases will only protect against scratches, if you don't call the device life insurance. We recommend it to those who can take care of their phone and only need minimal protection against scratches.


The book case is quite a popular accessory among the older age group (or you may have even come across it as a flip case). The essence of this is that in addition to the back design, the case also covers the display, thus surrounding the device from all sides. The advantage is that you can usually store any card or even cash in the front part, but the disadvantage is that the top part can disturb your face when you're on the phone if you don't fold it back. We recommend this type for those who don't like the glass film, but require the protection of their display.


Our personal favorites are the carbon cases, including the Pitaka. What we really like about it is that it is made of real carbon fibers, which allows it to be brutally thin and gives a very pleasant feel. This accessory can match your outfit for any occasion, it's a real boy's item. There are cases called carbon that are actually made of plastic. This is a more economical alternative, but it looks almost the same as the mentioned Pitaka tenth at such a price, it is not an option to be dismissed either.


A waterproof case is not a case in the strict sense of the word, but a pouch. The function of this is that if you dive underwater with your phone, it is guaranteed not to get wet, so if you want to click some pictures underwater, for example, while on vacation or at a pool party, this will be perfect for that. I've come across a lot of soaked phones that were theoretically waterproof, I don't think it's worth the risk for a few thousand forints, use a waterproof case.