Tablet accessories

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 09, 2022

Your tablet also deserves maximum protection


Tablet cases:

As with phones, there are many accessories for tablets, but it is important that in addition to protection, you can also find many comfort functions here.

The first and at the same time the simplest version is the book case, or flip case. The back part of this type will be complemented by a front panel, which will protect the tablet's display when closed, but if folded back, we can shape its surface in such a way that it supports the iPad. This tablet case is very beneficial for those who watch a lot of content and videos on their tablet and don't like to worry about what to prop the device on so that its screen faces their face. When you choose such a case, you should pay attention to the fact that if you order a plastic back cover, the phenomenon may occur that dust gets between the device's case and the tablet case, and as a result of minimal movement, the back cover of your iPad will buckle. In order to eliminate this, we usually recommend versions made of silicone back (e.g. Spigen, ESR).

iPad cases equipped with an Apple Pencil holder are really popular versions, as they make carrying the Pencil much easier. The cases are equipped with a 1-2 cm extension in which the styluses can be placed.

The second variant in the category of tablet cases is the back case. Here, we are essentially talking about a very simple accessory that will only and exclusively protect the back of the device. Its use is recommended for those who just want to provide their tablets with minimal protection.

Reinforced cases are characterized by the use of strong and thickened materials. We recommend it to those who use a more expensive device (e.g. iPad Pro) and are particularly careful to avoid unpleasant situations, as well as to those whose tablet can be more easily damaged during their work. UAG brand cases are the best choice of this type.

It often happens that users who use Huawei, Samsung or rarer types of tablets find it difficult or absolutely impossible to find a case for their device. To solve this, we usually recommend universal cases, the essence of which is that they are not manufactured specifically for a specific model. If you buy such an accessory, only the size of the tablet case and the diagonal of your device's display must match.

Tablet screen protectors:

Tablet films greatly contribute to the user experience of devices, so we usually recommend that you carefully choose the right protection for your beloved tablets.

The cheapest and simplest alternative will be the smooth film, which is made of a very thin plastic, including polyethylene terephthalate. This type will actually only protect against scratches, not against major impacts. Regarding its surface, we can choose the completely transparent version or the matte version, which is recommended when using Apple Pencil. The matte surface makes writing, drawing, or any activity you want to do with the capacitive pen very easy and dynamic.

If you belong to the group that prefers to preserve the original effect of the device's glass, choose the glass film. In addition to retaining the glass effect, this type also withstands impacts extremely well thanks to the thickness and hardness of the material.