How to keep your phone in the car

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 09, 2022

A diverse grouping of car mounts


car mounts can be grouped from two points of view: the first is when we examine where the car mount itself is fixed inside the car, where it is mounted, and the second is how it is mounted, how it is mounted the device to the car mount.


Within the first grouping, we can find 3 types of accessories:
1, The first is when the car holder is placed on the ventilation grill. We think this is one of the most practical choices, because it will not result in any dead space while driving and the device will be very close to us.

2, The second option is the dashboard car holder, which can be placed on the dashboard with a suction cup. This can also be a good choice, but this accessory already results in minimal dead space here.

3. The third type is the windshield car holder, which must obviously be attached to the car's windshield also with the help of a suction cup. This already results in a large dead space, so if you want this type, always be careful. The advantage of this category is that the phone is in our peripheral vision while driving, so if you are looking at the navigation or receiving a notification, you do not have to look away from the road.


Within the second grouping, (i.e. how to attach the phone to the car holder) we come across two options:
1, The first one, when magnetically it is attached to the holder the phone. Each such accessory is usually accompanied by a thin magnetic sheet that you can place either on the back of your phone or between your case and the device. In our opinion, this is one of the best choices, because you don't have to worry about fixing it, you can remove and place the phone with just an easy movement of the arm, which is very beneficial from the point of view of driving.

2. Our second option is the mechanically fixed version, when mechanical arms will fix the phone to the car holder.