Everything you need to know about Watch accessories

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 09, 2022

The best Watch accessories


Apple Watches are the most popular in the category of smart watches, which is why there are so many accessories available for them that you may not even know exist. For this reason, we have collected them and describe why you should choose them.


Watch straps:


Since the beginning, Apple has paired sports straps with basic models, which are actually rubber, also known as silicone straps. Cleaning this type is extremely easy, it does not weigh down the wrist, and it will not cause any allergenic effects (for example, compared to metal straps). Silicone straps have the so-called perforated versions, which are called breathing belts. The main advantage of this is that you don't sweat in it, since the holes prevent the Watch strap from getting under your skin. If you want to choose this type for yourself, we recommend the products of xPro (cheap) or Spigen (more expensive, higher quality).

The most suitable Watch straps to preserve the watch's jewel status are the metal versions. In addition to its elegant appearance, you can also wear this accessory with a more relaxed everyday outfit. There are so-called 1-row, 2-row, or 3-row versions, which actually mean how many metal eyes will be located on the watch strap in a cross direction.

If you are a person with a really elegant appearance, you should choose leather straps. You can choose from many colors and designs, but the most popular are the black leather straps and the brown leather straps. If you want to buy a long-lasting, high-quality accessory, we recommend a real leather strap, but if the price-value ratio is more important, you should definitely choose a synthetic leather strap!

The most trendy and popular at the moment is the Milano metal fabric belt. The essence of this is that small chain links make up the watch strap, the overall effect of which looks very good and is very comfortable to wear. The price of the factory versions is quite steep, they can even reach 60-70 thousand forints, however, you can buy a "remanufactured" one for 10 thousand forints, where you will not feel any significant difference. the perfect choice).

Watch cases:


It is well known that servicing Apple Watches is a very expensive hobby. A display replacement is usually not really worth it anymore, since the cost of the repair can exceed the value of the smartwatch itself, not to mention that its water resistance will not produce the factory values. Watch cases were created to protect you from possible inconveniences.


The simplest type you can choose is the silicone case. The characteristic of this accessory is that it is very thin, it does not significantly increase the volume of the Apple Watch, so you do not have to give up the factory size. If you choose a silicone watch case that is transparent, it will also bring the factory look of your smartwatch in terms of appearance. If you want to add some extra color to your device, you can optionally choose the colored versions.


We recommend reinforced or armor cases for Apple Watch owners whose device is more likely to be damaged. It should be noted that a thicker, harder material was used, thereby increasing the protective capacity of the smart watch case. In terms of size, it will increase the volume of the watch, but even that would not be a nuisance. This accessory is a favorite of our customers who do some kind of physical work, where their smartwatches are exposed to much greater danger. A notable manufacturer is UAG (brutally protects).


Based on customer reviews, we realized that the majority of users prefer to preserve the originality and metallic feel of the watch, for which the abroption watch case is a perfect solution. The essence of this is that it consists of two pieces of metal elements that will surround the Apple Watch with the help of magnets. In addition to protecting the use of factory materials, due to the nature of the metal, the mud will also stand up in terms of protection, we strongly recommend it!

Watch screen protectors:


Similar to our phones, it is also possible to buy films for smart watches. We could classify the Apple Watch foils currently available on the market into three categories, the first and most common version of which is the front panel smooth foil. It is made of a very thin plastic, and thanks to this, it is almost impossible to see that there is a film on the smartwatch. Due to its flexibility, it will also perfectly cover the edge, rounded glass of the device. It is important that this accessory will only protect the watch against scratches, not against major impacts.


If you need stronger protection, we recommend 3D glass film. Due to the nature of the glass, this version protects your smartwatch against impacts and stronger physical impacts, and due to its 3D design, it covers the entire surface of the display.

We consider the two versions mentioned above to be a good choice, however, it may happen that after a certain period of time, as a result of use, the film will peel off. The solution to this is UV film, which represents a new kind of technology. The essence of this is that the box contains a glass foil (obviously), a ball, which is actually a UV reagent material, and also a UV lamp. If you want to install it, all you have to do is drop the UV glue onto the cleaned display and carefully place the foil on it. Make sure that the UV reagent material is completely spread between the display of the device and the glass film, and when this is done, illuminate the device with the UV lamp for 5-10 minutes. As a result, the material hardens and permanently attaches the watch film to the smart watch (no need to worry, it is easy to remove and you cannot damage the device).