iPhone Xs overview

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 02, 2022

Top quality materials

One of the most resistant glass on a smartphone. A beautiful new gold color coating made with an atomic level process. Precision-designed stainless steel edges. And a higher level of water and dust resistance.

iPhone XS top quality materials

Pixels with increased size and color depth

With the new sensor, images are more lifelike, colors are more accurate, and low-light shots are noise-free.

iPhone XS pixels with increased size and color depth

Stainless steel

The perfectly fitting, massive edges are made from Apple's own special metal alloy with three different coatings.

iPhone XS Stainless steel

Face ID

It's easy to keep everything safe when your face is your password. With a glance, you can unlock your iPhone and sign in to your apps or accounts, among other things.

iPhone XS Face ID

Innovative dual camera system

The world's most popular camera now opens a new era of photography for you. With the combined power of the innovative sensor, image signal processing processor and Neural Engine, you can take more amazing photos than ever before.

iPhone XS Innovative dual camera system

A12 Bionic processor

Compared to the A11 processor, it is a much smarter and more powerful smartphone chip boosted with our new generation Neural Engine. The result: a stunning AR experience, fine-tuning with the Depth Adjustment function, breathtakingly beautiful portraits and a phone that makes everything go incredibly fast and smoothly.

iPhone XS a12 Bionic cpu