iPhone Xr overview

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 02, 2022

6.1-inch full-front Multi-Touch LCD display with IPS technology

The new iPhone XR display is the most advanced LCD display in the industry. Thanks to the innovative backlight, it even fills the corners, so we can see everything from one edge of the display to the other in realistic colors.

6.1-inch full-front Multi-Touch LCD display with IPS technology

Portrait mode

The iPhone XR's single-lens camera gets even smarter with machine learning, so you can take photos with people in sharp focus, while the background is artistically blurred.

iPhone XR Portrait mode

Seven-layer coloring

The eye-catching coating of the glass back is made using an advanced process that produces beautiful, rich colors.

iPhone XR Seven-layer coloring

Face ID

It's easy to keep everything safe when your face is your password. With a glance, you can unlock your iPhone and sign in to your apps or accounts, among other things.

iPhone XR Face ID

Space technology quality aluminum edge

The side border is made of Apple's own special metal alloy, and after precise machining, we create a coating that perfectly matches the color of the glass back panel by anodizing it.

iPhone XR Space technology quality aluminum edge

A12 Bionic processor

Compared to the A11 processor, it is a much smarter and more powerful smartphone chip boosted with our new generation Neural Engine. The result: a stunning AR experience, fine-tuning with the Depth Adjustment function, breathtakingly beautiful portraits and a phone that makes everything go incredibly fast and smoothly.

iPhone XR a12 Bionic cpu