iPhone X overview

Written by Adam Jakab / Oct 03, 2022


How can we create a highly intelligent device whose housing and display are perfectly integrated? Ever since Apple created the first iPhone, they have been looking for an answer to this question. And with the iPhone X, they've just found it. The goal was a seamless interface where nothing gets in the way of the user experience. The Main button has therefore been replaced by a new, yet familiar navigation method.

iPhone X Design

Stainless steel

The stainless steel side bezel of the iPhone X hugs the device and gives it support. This is Apple's specially designed alloy. It's durable, clean, and shines beautifully. To apply the astro gray coating, vacuum vaporization technology is used so that the color of the stainless steel side border exactly matches the color of the glass surface.

iPhone X Stainless steel

Wireless charging for a wireless world

From the very beginning, Apple aimed to free the iPhone completely from the constraints of charging cables and headphone wires. The glass back hides wireless charging technology: iPhone X is designed for the wireless future.

iPhone X Wireless charging for a wireless world

Face ID

It's easy to keep everything safe when your face is your password. With a glance, you can unlock your iPhone and sign in to your apps or accounts, among other things.

iPhone X Face ID

12 megapixel dual camera

Can a camera be more than what it seems? Apple wanted to find out, so it used faster lenses with optical image stabilization, supplemented by the advanced machine learning of the A11 Bionic chip. The result ? A photo system that sees more, understands more and can do more.

iPhone X 12 megapixeles dual camera

A11 Bionic processor

Compared to the A11 processor, it is a much smarter and more powerful smartphone chip boosted with our new generation Neural Engine. The result: a stunning AR experience, fine-tuning with the Depth Adjustment function, breathtakingly beautiful portraits and a phone that makes everything go incredibly fast and smoothly.

iPhone X a11 Bionic processor