iPhone 6s overview

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Sep 01, 2022

4.7 inch display

The iPhone 6S is one of the most ideal sizes of any iPhone to date. It fits comfortably in your pocket and is big enough to watch any content on it.

iPhone 6S size

Touch ID, your fingerprint is the key to the phone

You no longer have to worry about entering the passcode on your beloved iPhone. All you have to do is touch the Home button with your finger and you've already unlocked your device.

iPhone 6S Touch ID

12 megapixel camera

The images taken by the iPhone 6S iSight camera are extremely detailed and can record 4K video. Live Photos also record a few moments before and after the moment of photography, so you can set the finished picture in motion with the press of a finger.

iPhone 6S 12 megapixels camera

Jack plug - so you can use any earphones

Almost none of the new devices make the connection of Jack headphones available, but the iPhone 6S does! If you don't want to replace your old, well-proven earphones, this model is for you!

iPhone 6S jack plug

2GM RAM, 64-bit A9 chip

Yes, the iPhone 6S can no longer be called a "powerhouse" these days, but for users who only want to make calls and use general Social Media applications (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) it is still perfectly sufficient.

iPhone 6S A9 cpu