iPhone 11 Pro overview

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Oct 05, 2022

It lives up to its name

A revolutionary triple camera system that gives you countless options, yet is easy to use. Huge jump in action runtime. Plus an amazing chip that really excels at machine learning and redefines what a smartphone can do today. Introducing the first iPhone that earned the name Pro with its performance.

iPhone 11 Pro Lives up to it's name

Pro camera system. We circled ourselves three times.

The first triple camera system that combines cutting-edge technology with the legendary simplicity of the iPhone. You can capture an image up to four times larger. You can take beautiful photos even in much worse lighting conditions. You can record high-quality videos and edit them with tools you are already familiar with. You've never had a camera like this before.

iPhone 11 Pro Camera system

Record, rotate, zoom in, crop, edit, polish, play tricks, enjoy.

With the iPhone 11 Pro, you can make fantastically lifelike, more detailed and smoother videos. Thanks to the overwhelming performance, you can shoot videos in 4K with extended dynamic range and cinema-quality video stabilization - at 60 frames per second. The four times larger captureable image and efficient editing tools give you more creative freedom.

iPhone 11 Pro Record, rotate, zoom in, crop, edit, polish, play tricks, enjoy.

Face ID has become 30% faster

It works both closer and further than before. Moreover, from several angles. And it's still the most secure facial recognition system on a smartphone.

iPhone 11 Pro Face ID has become 30% faster

Built-in data protection

Every detail of iPhone is designed to protect your personal data. Face ID data is not removed from iPhone and is not backed up to iCloud or other storage. Maps guides you without telling anyone where you are. Every iMessage you send is encrypted until it reaches the recipient. And we could go on and on.

iPhone X 12 megapixeles dual camera

A13 Bionic processor

We focused on machine learning at every stage of the design of the A13 Bionic chip. This way, you can have experiences that are not available on other smartphones. It is years ahead of all other chips in terms of speed, performance and intelligence. That way you can easily outrun everyone.

iPhone 11 Pro a13 Bionic processor