iPhone 11 overview

Written by Ivan Jankelic / Oct 05, 2022

Seven-layer coloring

The eye-catching coating of the glass back is made using an advanced process that produces beautiful, rich colors.

iPhone 11 So hit

Designed perfectly

With the new dual camera system, you can capture even more of the world around you. Thanks to the fastest smartphone chip to date and all-day action time, it gives you more options with less charging. And your memories will look better than ever on the best quality smartphone videos.

iPhone 11 So hit

New horizons in portrait photography

You can take new kinds of portraits and adjust the lighting in a variety of ways, while the two cameras of iPhone 11 work perfectly together to create stunning images. And Portrait mode now works with all your favorite photo subjects – you can take brilliant pictures of your two- and four-legged friends.

iPhone 11 New horizons in portrait

Taking a bad photo with it is an art

Brand new dual camera system. The wide angle has become even wider. On the renewed user interface, the new ultra-wide-angle camera shows what is happening outside the image field, which you can even take a photo of. From now on, you can make and edit videos just as easily as photos. You can now see the world from a completely new perspective through the world's most popular camera.

iPhone 11 Taking a bad photo with it is an art

Space technology quality aluminum edge

The side border is made of Apple's own special metal alloy, and after precise machining, we create a coating that perfectly matches the color of the glass back panel by anodizing it.

iPhone 11 Space technology quality aluminum edge

A13 Bionic processor

The A13 Bionic chip is so powerful that everything runs fast and smoothly with it. In addition, it works as economically as possible, so your ax lasts longer. The A13 Bionic is so advanced that it far surpasses the field.

iPhone 11 a13 Bionic processor